Tiny Homes and Pet Ownership Tiny Homes and Pet Ownership

Tiny Homes and Pet Ownership

Tiny Homes and Pet Ownership.

Pet ownership is a challenge in itself, let alone in a tiny house….

Whether you own a larger companion like a dog or a cat. Or a smaller stationary pet like a bird, reptile or rodent. Each pet will bring its own pros and cons to living in a tiny home.

If your pet is already outside for most of the day then this is an easy problem to solve.
Fencing of an area, providing a comfy and protected place to sleep, food/water dishes, toys and your attention and love and daily walks is all that is needed, for your dog.

Some cat owners let their cats be semi-outdoor animals and some are strictly indoors. Due to their natural instinct to hunt and kill wildlife, such as birds. Placing a litter box under the house for example,is a great idea, with the space constraints in a tiny house.
Installing cubby holes, provide security and a place for your precious feline to rest indoors. Using a window bay as a bed is also another great option.

Eating on a schedule is an important factor to touch on here, vets recommend this as it is helpful for your pet to have a routine. Cleaning up after your pet after meal times prevent wild animals from investigating.

Small stationary animals that reside in a cage or tank can be placed somewhere that suits the owner. With every little space needed in a tiny house though you may prefer to add a wine rack instead of a rodent.

Picking the right breed, temperament and personality of a pet is a crucial element.
Size, energy levels and fitting into your tiny lifestyle is an important factor for you but the pet as well.

Tiny homes and pet ownership doesn’t need to be hard.

Owning a pet is privilege, no matter what kind you have.

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