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Small House Movement – Thinking Outside The Box

Small House Movement – Thinking Outside The Box

Small House Movement – Thinking Outside The Box

So what is the Small House Movement?

Let’s think outside the box for a moment and think about doing things just, a little bit differently….

The small house movement, which has been around on and off for decades. In simple terms, is a social movement in which people have decided to downsize their belongings and simplify their lives and of course their houses.

The standard American home comes in around 2,600 square feet,then you have your tiny house which can range from 100 to 400 square feet.

A simple tiny house blog on the internet can offer not only a huge wealth of information but also show pictures, to show you a range of tiny houses that might interest you.

The small house movement has shed light on many a tiny house company and what they can offer you from:

  • A preexisting plan done for you OR
  • Customizable plans that suit your needs and taste.

Tiny houses are not about sacrificing everything currently in your life just to live uncomfortably in a small area. They are designed with this in mind to optimize every little bit of space possible and can easily fit –

  • A full bathroom.
  • Kitchen.
  • Living area.
  • Bedroom.
  • Add any special touches that you might require.

Small houses are more affordable, as they only cost around $30,000 compared to a traditional house that could set you back over $500,000.

Think about what you can save on utilities, as a smaller home requires less of everything such as, heating/cooling, electricity, insurance, taxes etc.

Not only is it cozier in a tiny home but you also still have room to host parties and get togethers.
Yes, just by adding a deck to run the full length of the house or a spacious back veranda at the back of your tiny home can add so much extra space.

Don’t like to clean ? Less room and less square footage means less time and space to clean. Upkeep is also a breeze, in a small house fewer things will go wrong and if they do, for example: like an exterior paint job or roof replacement it will be at a fraction of the price compared to how much it would cost compared to a traditional house.

The small house movement, things just keeps on getting better……

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