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Helpful Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Helpful Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Designing a tiny house is a major task in itself, but then creating a perfect tiny house kitchen is just as hard unless…. you have some helpful tiny house kitchen ideas.

The kitchen, a place not just to cook, but to entertain.

Having a tiny home doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to be boring and lack creativity.

A tiny home’s square footage is a debatable topic, but a typical tiny home is between 100-400 square feet. Compared to a massive 2,600 square footage of the average US home size.

Here Are Some Fantastic Helpful Tiny House Kitchen Ideas :

  • Invest in appliances that can be put away when not in use, to avoid clutter on┬ácounter-tops.
  • Under stair storage can be used as a pantry.
  • Intentionally plan out meals ahead of time to reduce waste of fresh food and not use up unnecessary space.
  • If baking isn’t high on your priority list or you don’t have time, leave it up to the professionals and buy your bread/cake/biscuits when needed.
  • Convenience foods such as dry noodles, trail mix, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and breakfast bars are handy to have around the house and don’t take up much room.
  • Canned food and non perishables are also great foods to have on hand.
  • Growing your own herbs is easy and convenient.
  • Growing your own fruit and vegetables can save you money and space.
  • Long, functional counter spaces and collapsible seating is a bonus for entertaining guests.
  • Shelving is also a space saver, add more storage space than you would with closed off cabinets.

These are just a few helpful tiny house kitchen ideas, that can help make your life easier.

Just remember one last tip, a tiny home means less to clean and more time to enjoy life.

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