How To Maximize Space In A Tiny Home. How To Maximize Space In A Tiny Home.

How To Maximize Space In A Tiny Home.

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your space, there are plenty of ways on how to maximize space in a tiny home.

Open Floor Plans – are a must to maximize space. Using rooms with see through dividers, not only let light flow through the house but also break up the space making individual areas without the harshness and closed of appearance that walls create.

Windows – Make your windows large and have as many as possible without your house looking like a fishbowl. These large panes of glass not only let light in, but importantly maximize the space by opening the house up and letting a little of the outside…inside.

Adding a loft –  to either above your kitchen can maximize space or living room, means you can add a reading nook, making the space a little more private and personal.

Under stair storage –  is a must i feel, you can add shelves for books or baskets that hold clothes or toys. If it’s close to your kitchen you can use it to hold pots and pans, plates and even cutlery or food items.

Mirrors –  instantly double the appearance of any room you place them, you can use specially framed pieces whether it be shells or metallic or even place pictures around them to again personalize your space. Its a win win situation.

Floor to ceiling storage –  is another clever trick of using all space available, pop up your fancy crockery or large appliances, hang cups and saucepans from underneath. Or you could put a cover on the front and use it as a storage for blankets or clothes.

Low sitting furniture  can create the illusion of vertical space, by tricking the eye into the believing the house is much larger than it actually is.Tip if you can’t fit a full tub in your tiny home then try a three-fourths tub, which is great for the kids and you with the shower overhead.

Lastly retractable’s –  pantry and closet doors and anywhere you can fit one are a must as well as underfloor storage.

Hope this has helped you out with a few handy tips on how to maximize space in a tiny home.

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  1. A lot if work has been put into this review and I just want to say well done. I now know a lot more about tiny houses and I’m sure after reading more( which I’m really exited to do) I will know a lot more. Highly recommended read.Well done keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Annika 🙂
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      I’m glad you found my site interesting and plan to read more.
      Tiny houses are awesome.
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