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Viable Tiny House Window Options Viable Tiny House Window Options

Viable Tiny House Window Options

Welcome back to my next post on Viable Tiny House Window Options.

When building the perfect tiny house you will come across many factors that will influence every aspect of the build and one of those factors are windows.

Here are some Viable Tiny House Window Options :

TemperingA debatable question when it comes to tiny houses. Some builders will always use tempered glass to protect from bumps and the vibrations of travelling. Other builders believe it’s not necessary and have had no problems with breakage, even when travelling.
Adding to the cost of a window, tempered glass can be quite expensive.
The choice is up to you.

Skylights Great for light, being close to the elements the view and also used as a fire escape. Many choose not to install a skylight as they can crack when moving a tiny house around and if not insulated properly can leak and cost you money in the long run.

MaterialsWindows can be made with materials other than glass. Vinyl windows, fiberglass, aluminium clad or all wood and even polycarbonate are options available.Even recyclable materials are great for the environment and will add uniqueness to any tiny home.

CostWindows are expensive, great windows are even more. Check out craigslist and local auctions for those looking to grab a bargain.

Energy Efficiency Expensive at first. Energy efficient windows do eventually pay for themselves through lowering the cost of bills related to heating and cooling. You can improve your existing windows energy efficiency by caulking and weather stripping. Window treatments are also an option.

I hope your have found some helpful information with my post on Viable Tiny House Window Options, to help you on you way to your tiny living.

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