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Tiny House Bathroom Design Tips Tiny House Bathroom Design Tips

Tiny House Bathroom Design Tips

Okay so here is my next post on tiny house bathroom design tips….

With a tiny house already being not that big on space, your tiny house bathroom is going to be quite small. That being said it doesn’t mean it can’t be a luxurious and relaxing space.

Here are a few tiny house bathroom design tips to help you out:

  • Tiling – Is usually not a great option as they are heavy and will break if your home is on wheels. Try corrugated iron or plastic based materials
  • Think about drainage options for your shower– With a grey water system you can water your plants at the same time as showering. Just be mindful to use biodegradable soaps and shampoos that won’t harm your plants.
  • Space saving toilets – Are a great idea, such as The Caroma Profile Smart toilet, with an integrated sink, that uses water before it goes into the toilet.
  • Open shelving – Instead of large cabinets, can showcase colorful towels and bathroom items and save space. Just add a skirt to cover shelving that contains cleaning products.
  • Pops of color or textural elements – can create an even more luxurious and personal feel to your bathroom.
  • Try adding a mirror – For functionality and  a great idea for creating the illusion of more space. Personalize it to add more flair.
  • Bathroom fixtures – Can personalize a space and add a touch of luxury. Brass, silver whatever your choice can bring a tiny house bathroom to life.
  • Lighting –  Is an important design element in a tiny home, installing a waterproofed window and a solar powered light or even an industrial vanity light can make a huge difference in opening up this space.

Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean you need to skimp on space or personality, by using a few of these tiny house bathroom tips you can create a more spacious, usable bathroom with personality and  a touch of luxury.

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